Blogging Hiatus & February #Wisdom

Hi readers, I have good news and bad news.

Oh, you want the bad news first? Sure, I’d like to get it out of the way too.

So, bad news: I’m taking a hiatus from blogging. I don’t have a specific endpoint yet, but I think I’ll be posting regularly again in 2-3 months.

Why, you ask? I have a few reasons. First, it’s time for a change. Since August 2011, I’ve written over 500 blog posts for Words From The Sowul. And every 100 posts or so, it’s gone through a new iteration. I believe these adjustments in course are keeping the blog fresh, and my commitment to it alive.

I’ve also been taking an online course (through DIY MFA) about author platform, and I have some new ideas for this next iteration, including a few cosmetic changes to the site. Mostly, I’m looking to create stronger content that’s better directed to my readers’ wants and needs (based on feedback, metrics and social media).

So even though I’ll be absent from your blog feed for awhile, you can look forward to more and better content when I return. Sound good?

Okay, time for the good news. Even though I’ll be stepping away from blogging, I think it’s important to stay part of the community and add to the conversation. I recently read a book that has become my personal bible. It’s so chock-full of wisdom, truth and revelations about character and community that I couldn’t put down my highlighter the entire time I was reading. The book is You Learn By Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life by Eleanor Roosevelt. 

During the month of February, I’ll be posting one quote a day from this book on social media (Facebook and Twitter), using #wisdom. My hope is that these nuggets of thoughtful advice will elevate and energize conversations about our personal and political engagement.

I’ll post every day at 10AM EST on my personal Facebook page and on Twitter @sowulwords. (Follow me on Twitter if you haven’t done so already.) Look for the quotes and feel free to reply tweet/re-tweet or post on Facebook with thoughts about that day’s #wisdom, or add to the conversation with wise quotes of your own choosing.

I’m looking forward to some thoughtful conversations on #wisdom, and to a new iteration of this blog in early spring.

Thank you, readers!


2 Responses to “Blogging Hiatus & February #Wisdom”

  1. Sara L. says:

    While I’m sad that you won’t be posting again for a while, I’m glad that it’s for positive / productive reasons. I love the #wisdom idea as well. I won’t be able to participate, since I’m not on social media at that time, but I’m sure your other readers and followers will appreciate it and welcome it warmly. 🙂

    Just curious, but have you read any of Sue Patton Thoele’s books? I have The Woman’s Book of Courage and The Woman’s Book of Confidence, and both offer wonderful insights, meditations, and quotes on different angles of either topic (courage and confidence).

  2. I’ll miss your posts, but will look forward to what comes next! I’m definitely going to look for Eleanor Roosevelt’s book now, too, and also the ones Sara mentioned in her comment. They sound like worthwhile and inspiring reads.

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