What’s Making Me Happy In January

Welcome to the next installment of “What’s Making Me Happy,” a monthly series about the things that are brightening my life! And boy, does it need brightening this month. I need pepping up every time I turn on the news or look at social media. I couldn’t live without my… Himalayan Salt Lamp   I recently moved this lamp from the living room to the bedroom. In the living... read more

Knowing Myself Better: 9 Lessons Learned

My last day of teaching for the school year was this past Friday. I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant, and waiting for baby girl to arrive. I hope she gives me a few days to rest before she decides to enter the world! This transition has been more challenging than I’d anticipated. After all these months of preparation, I expected to be mentally ready to stop teaching. But I’m sad to be... read more

Summer Reading Round-Up

I’m bringing back book reviews with a new approach! I stopped doing monthly posts about what I was reading because: They were getting too long and cumbersome. In a sense, they even held back my reading life because I didn’t want to review more than 5 or 6 books a month. I struggled with what to write about books I didn’t like. Firstly, because even though a book isn’t right for me,... read more

If You Want To Discover What You Love, Take A Vacation

Last weekend, my husband and I took a trip to Vermont. We hadn’t made many plans for the trip: we had a room booked for two nights at a B&B, and we knew the route we planned to take up north, but that was about it. We’d never been to the area before. When we left, I had no idea how we were going to fill the time, but I was excited to find out. Vacations are like a microcosm of what we want... read more

Maternity Leave, By The Numbers

Numbers of… …Weeks since I last taught school: 114 (includes the summer I was pregnant) …Hours spent nursing: Way, way too many to count …Diapers changed: An average of 6 per day times 730 days equals… about 4,300 diapers. (Okay, Edwin’s daddy and grandparents probably changed about 10% of those.) …Miles pushing stroller on the Rail Trail: approx. 320 (I could have walked from Poughkeepsie, NY... read more

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