Five Ways To Study Characters

I spent the past two weeks getting reacquainted with the characters for my second historical novel, BLIZZARD (still a working title). After writing the first draft over the summer, I took a break from the book to let things marinate. I’ve decided that much will be changed in the second draft. Most of the characters will retain vestiges of their former selves, but some will be changed drastically,... read more

Retreat From Writing

You may have noticed that I’ve been blogging a bit less over the past couple of months. I’ve been having trouble writing new material in general, but blogging has felt especially difficult because of its immediate audience. The best weeks of my recent writing life were when I was revising Waist for my agent; that invigorated and motivated me. But when it was over, the struggles with all of my... read more

Finding the Heart

At the close of the writer’s retreat I attended recently, the moderators asked us to look back over our weekend’s work and consider which pieces worked best, and why. I jotted down a few words that described my favorite essays: “family” “relationships” and “love.” Then, reconsidering, I drew a big circle around the word “love,” because it encapsulated the first two words and so much more. It was an... read more

2015 Writer’s Retreat

This past weekend, I went to my very first writer’s retreat, in Sea Girt, NJ, hosted by Women Reading Aloud. It was a wonderful, terrifying, restorative, educational, intimidating, passionate experience. I feel reticent to share details about the weekend, particularly the workshops themselves; I almost feel as though it would violate the community we writers built together. I also don’t feel... read more