A Happier Perspective On Donald Trump’s Presidency

Readers, if there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love getting a shift in perspective. A slight twist of the lens, a zoom in or out, some new information provided: I feel a deep thrill to have an issue freshened, a story given new dimension. (In another life, I might have been a judge.)   I usually keep these revelations to myself. I also don’t usually talk politics on the... read more

The Life-Changing Magic of Cleaning for Writers

How often have you heard a writer say, “I couldn’t face my manuscript, so I cleaned my closet instead?” On the surface, this remark seems to be entirely about procrastination and the weight of creative work. But is it? What if decluttering, organizing and cleaning are skills we writers truly need? Decluttering is a lot like editing. We find things in our home that no longer serve a... read more

The Creativity Perspective

Last week I wrote about my current fiction project, Blizzard; this week I’m so, super excited to announce my current nonfiction project, The Creativity Perspective! The website has been live for about two weeks and six posts so far. It has a complete menu of pages describing the project, and a logo I just love:   What Is The Creativity Perspective? In brief (since you can head over to The Creativity... read more

“The One Tool All Writers Need…” on DIY MFA

Hi everyone! I wanted to share the link to my most recent column over at DIY MFA: The One Tool All Writers Need This is a subject I was contemplating earlier this month, as I received rejections (or silence) from literary agents and from short story publishers. Rejections are not only common when you’re writing, they’re necessary: if you’re not getting rejected, you’re not querying... read more

The One Type Of List You Should Be Making

When I was a child, I remember wandering into the home office of an adult I knew well, and finding a list of priorities taped to the wall. They were numbered, with the top priorities up high and lesser ones on the bottom. I remember thinking, “That’s weird. Why would someone need reminding about what’s important to them?” And then I went away and forgot about the list, until one... read more

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