How It Feels When Your Habits Begin “Tightening”

Last Friday night, around 8:00 PM, I was tired. It had been a full day for me and a stressful one for the world. I was ready to get into my pajamas and snuggle with my baby girl on the couch with a mug of tea and some mindless television. Instead, I cleaned the bathroom. Let that sink in. I was tired and stressed. I needed comfort. And instead of allowing myself that comfort, I cleaned the bathroom.  Why... read more

Blogs I Follow, Links You Follow

I’ve written a lot about blogging in the past couple of weeks, from How To Start A Blog to my 5th Blog-Aversary. So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs. I do almost all my blog reading through Feedly, an app on my phone. Feedly compiles all my blog reading into one place. You could also subscribe to blogs via email (sign up box in the header of this site!) or keep a bookmark... read more

The Price of Efficiency

Americans, more than any other nationality on earth, are obsessed with efficiency. In fact, it was America that gave birth to the Efficiency Movement, spearheaded by Frederick Taylor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Taylor would come into factory and construction settings and study them until he came up with the most efficient method for each job on the line. He would then help train... read more

Fill It Up (What I Need To Be Happy)

The last two weeks have been difficult ones. Aside from the usual busyness of school (it was the first two weeks of lessons and rehearsals for my band program), I was also in a car accident. No one was hurt, thank God, but the emotional stress definitely affected me for awhile; also, I had to deal with the complications of getting my car towed, inspected, totaled, and then shopping for a new car. I was... read more

How “Better Than Before” Is Changing My Habits

I’ve been a fan of Gretchen Rubin’s for a long time now, so I was incredibly excited when she began promoting her latest book, Better Than Before, a personal manifesto about a topic I adore: habits. It’s the first book I’ve ever ordered prior to release, other than Harry Potter books. (There is no greater honor than being classified with Harry Potter!) After reading the book,... read more

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