Blog Hiatus: 4 Lessons I Learned Behind The Scenes

While I was on hiatus from the blog, I was busy behind the scenes. The process of brainstorming content, creating a newsletter, and updating all of my old posts taught me valuable lessons about blogging and the overall direction of my writing life. Lesson 1: Have An Artistic Vision Based on brainstorming during the Pixels to Platform course I took over the winter, I realized I didn’t have an overall... read more

It’s A Blogging Extravaganza!

Oh, readers, I have missed you SO much! Every time I take a break from blogging, I miss a vital piece of my writing life. When I’m not blogging, I feel disconnected from my readers and from the greater writing world. I even feel disconnected from a part of myself, the part that enjoys putting her thoughts and opinions out into the world without first filtering them through an editor. I actually had... read more

Blogging Hiatus & February #Wisdom

Hi readers, I have good news and bad news. Oh, you want the bad news first? Sure, I’d like to get it out of the way too. So, bad news: I’m taking a hiatus from blogging. I don’t have a specific endpoint yet, but I think I’ll be posting regularly again in 2-3 months. Why, you ask? I have a few reasons. First, it’s time for a change. Since August 2011, I’ve written over... read more

What’s Making Me Happy In January

Welcome to the next installment of “What’s Making Me Happy,” a monthly series about the things that are brightening my life! And boy, does it need brightening this month. I need pepping up every time I turn on the news or look at social media. I couldn’t live without my… Himalayan Salt Lamp   I recently moved this lamp from the living room to the bedroom. In the living... read more

How It Feels When Your Habits Begin “Tightening”

Last Friday night, around 8:00 PM, I was tired. It had been a full day for me and a stressful one for the world. I was ready to get into my pajamas and snuggle with my baby girl on the couch with a mug of tea and some mindless television. Instead, I cleaned the bathroom. Let that sink in. I was tired and stressed. I needed comfort. And instead of allowing myself that comfort, I cleaned the bathroom.  Why... read more

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