October “What I’m Into:” Podcasts and Leaves

This month, I’m into…

Finding (and loving) new podcasts.

Now that I have a bluetooth-enabled car, I’m obsessed with listening to podcasts. My new favorite is The Writing Life by Ann Kroeker. The episodes are short, but full of encouraging advice on living and growing as a writer. I really enjoy her speaking voice too; unusual, as I tend to be very picky about readers.

I also recently listened to an hour-plus podcast from Mugglecast, the podcasting arm of Back in the Harry Potter heyday, I was obsessed with Mugglenet’s theories and spoilers posts. I was happy to see the team is still alive and well, and it was fun to jump back into the world of Potter fandom.

And of course, I’m still loving my podcast standbys: Stuff You Missed in History Class, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and DIY MFA Radio with Gabi Pereira.

I’m also enjoying…

A natural red carpet event.
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A natural red carpet event.


I love taking walks now and hearing my foot crunch down on leaves; I love the look of a path covered in golds and tangerines and rusts. It actually makes me sad when my husband sweeps the driveway clean. I could look at a carpet of leaves all year.

And, as an addendum:

Fall fashion. 

I just got three dresses from Stitch Fix that I ADORE; for me, it’s all about dresses, tights and boots this year. And I’m obsessed with Kut From The Kloth jeans. They’re a little pricier than my usual J.Crew outlet brand, but way more comfortable. I’ll be wearing them for years.

(Hey, if you’ve never tried Stitch Fix but would like to, please use the link provided within this post describing the service. I’ll get a referral credit, and you’ll get an awesome box of clothes!)

I’m surprised to be loving…

Halloween-themed jokes. 

Longtime blog fans and friends know that I’m not a Halloween lover. I hate scary movies; horror is the one genre I never read; I think costumes are a lot of bother; and I’m not a huge candy freak. But I have to admit that I’m enjoying some of the holiday’s humorists this year. I love a good pun on a tombstone, and this morning while I was driving I laughed out loud when I saw a fake stuffed leg and bloody foot protruding from the trunk of a car.

What are you into right now? Do you have a favorite podcast, or clothing brand? Have you originated any Halloween jokes?

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