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Today’s post is the last of my November gratitude series. I hope you enjoyed them all! Focusing on one topic for a whole month was a wonderful exercise for me. I spent a lot of time researching and reflecting on gratitude, and thus found myself- big surprise!- feeling grateful more often. I have a very positive outlook on life right now! I also learned a new blogging skill: planning my posts several days and weeks ahead of time. To make sure I had enough posts to fit the theme, I had to make a list and schedule topics on the calendar, and that turned out to help with brainstorming. I used to let what I was currently thinking about dictate my topics, but it’s also possible to let the topic dictate what I’m thinking about. I’ll be doing that more in the future, even if I don’t stick to a specific theme. There will be no series next month, though I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of holiday-related blogging.

For my final post, I want to practice what I’ve been preaching, and say thank you to a few special people. If you’re a blogger, there’s no better way than to write a public thank you note, right?

There are, of course, many people I’d like to thank, so I’m going to limit myself to a small sample of those who’ve had a particular impact on me in the past month.

I’d like to say thank you to….

….my friend Cristen, for being such a creative and fun writing partner, and an incredible source of support

…the district and teacher’s union who negotiated (and approved) my extended maternity leave, allowing me time to spend with Edwin during his special baby years, and the security of a job waiting for me at the end

…my mother, who never gets thanked enough for simply being who she is: loving, generous and wise (but never meddling!)

…the women who write the blogs I now feel the need to connect with every day (and comment on almost as much!) You are all an inspiration to me!

…my flute students, for being such a joy to teach that it never feels like work at all

…my new hairstylist, for giving me a cut I love and teaching me how to make it look awesome every day in just a few minutes

…the folks at Stitch Fix for helping me revamp my style

…all of Edwin’s grandparents, for surrounding him with love and fun, and for always being there when we need them

…my blog readers, new and old, for giving me your time and attention. You’ll never know how grateful I am to you!

And most of all…

…my husband, for making me feel gratitude every day, just for being married to him.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving, however you celebrate it! And don’t forget to serve up a big dish of GRATITUDE!

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