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The Distraction Period

I’m back in limbo phase, craving distraction. Baby Girl Sowul was due yesterday (Monday, 10/17) and I’m still waiting. I know the waiting will likely only last another week at most, because unfortunately (and despite much, much effort over the past 4 weeks) the baby is still in breech position. I’m scheduled for a C-section next Monday. This is not something I wanted, and I’m... read more

Writing Life Update: Submit, Edit, Focus

The last time I updated you on my writing life, I was working on The Creativity Perspective and my second historical novel, BLIZZARD. That took me through the beginning of August. At that point, I finished the first draft of BLIZZARD and closed down The Creativity Perspective website for awhile. So what have I been doing for the past six weeks? Submitting Like Crazy One of my goals for the summer was to... read more

Conference Recap, Big Questions

Before we get started, here’s a link to a recent post I wrote for my friend and DIY MFA co-staffer Sara Letourneau, entitled Why Creativity Is Essential For All Genres.  I highly recommend subscribing to Sara’s blog! She does an amazing job of pulling back the veil on her fiction-writing process, giving her readers tips for their own writing as well as glimpses into her current manuscript. Her... read more

Goodbye, Writing Space

I usually plan blog posts by thinking about you, the reader, and what your needs are. But today, I’m going to write a post just because it’s something I need to write about. I’m saying goodbye to my writing office. Over the course of the next month, my office is going to turn into the new baby’s room. I’m excited to furnish and decorate it for our future daughter, but letting... read more

Habits To Make, Habits To Break

My recent reading has been putting my recent writing to shame. This is completely understandable: I’m writing a first draft, and it’s a normal part of the process to “hate your work but power through” on a first draft. I’m not supposed to be crafting beautiful phrases or pulling creative descriptions out of thin air; I’m supposed to be working on the very basics of... read more

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