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Happy October, everyone! October is my favorite month of the year– at least, it is when I slow down enough to notice the crisp fall weather (a bit warm here, this year), enjoy the tastes and scents of fall food, and snuggle into my warmer clothes. It’s also a month when I look closely at my own habits, routines and wellness procedures to make sure that everything I’ve put in place during... read more

The Word of 2017

It’s time to reveal my word for 2017! It’s…. ENGAGE.     I choose a word every year. Last year’s was Brave. It served me well; I accomplished a lot this year, and whenever I balked at the fear of what would happen if I moved forward, I used Brave to remind myself to conquer that fear. It helped that I had the perfect talisman for Brave in my pocket at all times: my... read more

This Is My Mission For The Next 4 Years

Like many of you, I’ve spent the last several days thinking about the next four years, and what they will bring. We are on the cusp of big changes to our society and the governing of our country that will force each of us to evaluate what we believe, and figure out how to enact those beliefs in the world. On election night, when it became clear that Trump had pulled off a stunning upset, I went to... read more

Announcing Hiatus

Hi everyone! I’m taking a very brief hiatus from the blog until early November, for obvious reasons (hospital stay; getting the baby home and adjusted to life at the Sowul house). But I’ll be back to chronicle my adventures with a newborn while attempting my very first run at NaNoWriMo. I’ll look forward to connecting with all of you again– and if you’re also NaNo-ing, let me... read more

The Distraction Period

I’m back in limbo phase, craving distraction. Baby Girl Sowul was due yesterday (Monday, 10/17) and I’m still waiting. I know the waiting will likely only last another week at most, because unfortunately (and despite much, much effort over the past 4 weeks) the baby is still in breech position. I’m scheduled for a C-section next Monday. This is not something I wanted, and I’m... read more

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