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How To Start A Blog

Earlier in the summer, I got a comment on a blog post from Marie who said she was starting a blog and asked for some tips. I gave her a few ideas in the comments section, but I realized the question was perfect for a full-length post. As I approach my 5 year blog-aversary, with over 500 blog posts under my belt (including guest posts and the CP) I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Why start... read more

Our Subscriber Winner Is…

Lynn Grainger! Congratulations, Lynn! Your prize is coming soon. Thank you for subscribing!   If you missed the contest, you can still subscribe to the blog using the email entry box on the top of the page. Thank you to everyone who... read more

400th Blog Post AND A GIVEAWAY!

Cue the confetti, pop the champagne: It’s my 400th blog post!! And it comes with a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!! For those of you keeping track, I just celebrated my fourth blog-aversary. That means I’ve written pretty close to 100 blog posts a year, or one every 3.5 days. A blog post starts with an idea, which always comes to me when I’m away from my computer. If I specifically brainstorm for blog... read more

The Secret Reason Why You Need A Niche

When you start looking into marketing your writing, whether it’s selling a book, a blog or an article, you’ll frequently come across this advice: “Find your niche. Decide what you’re going to focus on, what you’d like to be known for. Write your way into that niche and stay there.” But do you really need to have a niche? And when do you know that you’re ready to commit to one? I resisted the idea of a... read more

The Time Is Write Now

I have been many different kinds of writers. I have been a joyous writer. A pensive writer. A prolific one, a stagnating one. I have written inspired things, and I’ve written idiotic things. I have been a successful writer and a rejected writer. I have been a humbled writer, a proud writer. Today, I am a struggling writer. I have been reluctant to re-start this blog with its new theme, WORDS, until... read more

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