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The Writing House: A Reflection on Blogs, Readers, and Connections

The Story of the Writing House Imagine you own a beautiful house. You’ve built this house from scratch, designed it with the intention to be welcoming. Every week, you add something new to your house: something inspiring, entertaining, or useful. You invite people to visit your house. You hope that they’ll return, week after week, to see the new things you’ve added. You begin to form... read more

Announcing The Perspective Post Newsletter

You guys, I’m so excited about today’s post, because after months of secretly working on the service and the content, I finally get to talk about my newsletter. Origin Story I’ve wanted to start a Words From The Sowul newsletter for… well, an embarrassingly long time. I first announced it on the blog back in August 2015, but I ran into some problems. After spending hours picking... read more

Blogging Hiatus & February #Wisdom

Hi readers, I have good news and bad news. Oh, you want the bad news first? Sure, I’d like to get it out of the way too. So, bad news: I’m taking a hiatus from blogging. I don’t have a specific endpoint yet, but I think I’ll be posting regularly again in 2-3 months. Why, you ask? I have a few reasons. First, it’s time for a change. Since August 2011, I’ve written over... read more

Blogs I Follow, Links You Follow

I’ve written a lot about blogging in the past couple of weeks, from How To Start A Blog to my 5th Blog-Aversary. So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs. I do almost all my blog reading through Feedly, an app on my phone. Feedly compiles all my blog reading into one place. You could also subscribe to blogs via email (sign up box in the header of this site!) or keep a bookmark... read more

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Today is my blog-aversary. I’ve been writing and running this blog for five years. I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to celebrate this milestone, and I decided to tell you how the blog got started, since most of you weren’t around for its inception. And none of you- not even my family- knows about the “secret blog” that came first. I’d been feeling the urge to... read more

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