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Looking For Beta-Readers

Hello, dear readers! This week, I finished the third draft of my novel, The Loss of Our Mothers, set during the Great Blizzard of 1888. Which means that I am now looking for beta-readers. Hey, Leanne, what are beta-readers? Beta-readers volunteer to read a manuscript between drafts. The book is complete, but still in progress. My favorite things about being a beta reader are: You get a sneak peek at an... read more

Writing Process: 7 Productivity Boosters

Draft 2 of Blizzard, my novel set during the Blizzard of 1888, turned into something of a beast: it was a complete re-write that took very little material from the first draft. I worked almost exclusively on it from mid-January to mid-May. Along the way, I adapted my writing process and learned some new tricks to help myself work better and faster. It should be noted that these process tweaks are only... read more

The 2017 Scott Meyer Award

On Saturday, I attended the Millbrook Literary Festival as a finalist for the Scott Meyer Award. It was a full day of author panels, workshops and networking. At 1:00, the finalists were introduced, and we all read our short essays. The judge, Karen Orloff (author of 7 published books and a column in the local newspaper for the past two decades) then announced the winner. I was shocked. It was me! I... read more

Announcing The Perspective Post Newsletter

You guys, I’m so excited about today’s post, because after months of secretly working on the service and the content, I finally get to talk about my newsletter. Origin Story I’ve wanted to start a Words From The Sowul newsletter for… well, an embarrassingly long time. I first announced it on the blog back in August 2015, but I ran into some problems. After spending hours picking... read more

Blog Hiatus: 4 Lessons I Learned Behind The Scenes

While I was on hiatus from the blog, I was busy behind the scenes. The process of brainstorming content, creating a newsletter, and updating all of my old posts taught me valuable lessons about blogging and the overall direction of my writing life. Lesson 1: Have An Artistic Vision Based on brainstorming during the Pixels to Platform course I took over the winter, I realized I didn’t have an overall... read more

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