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The Purpose of Practice

As a music teacher, I am regularly told that my subject is less important and more expendable than other “core” subjects such as reading, math and science. Why? Well, because most music students don’t grow up to have careers in music. I question the validity of this point (does that mean Biology and Algebra were a waste of my time, since my career doesn’t involve them?) but... read more

Remove Your Appendix

When was the last time you thought about your appendix? Unless you’ve experienced appendicitis, you’ve probably never considered your appendix at all. It’s a completely unnecessary part of your body. It serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s like a fork when you’re eating hot dogs: positioned near the action, but never in use. What else, in your life, is like your appendix? Do... read more

Top 10 Reasons To Go On Vacations

What’s the purpose of vacations? I would never have asked myself this question in my twenties. I would have thought it was obvious: you go on vacation to relax. Period. But as I’ve gotten older, and particularly since having a kid, I’ve realized there can be multiple motivations for vacationing. I’ve also learned that everyone on the same trip doesn’t necessarily have the... read more

Purpose, Simplified

Let’s kick off the PURPOSE-ful month of August by simply defining what it is, and figuring out how to find it. To my mind, finding purpose is the art of asking yourself personal “why” questions; purpose itself lies in the answers to those questions. For example: Purpose: Parenting Question: “Why do I want to be a parent?” The answer will help you qualify your parenting... read more

It Is My Birthday, I Fear: My “Scary” Age

I’m turning 33 today. 33 is my scary age. I don’t really know why this is, except that it’s the age Jesus was when he died. I know, that sounds ridiculous, like I’m somehow comparing myself to Jesus. I can’t explain why it matters, but it does. That strong Catholic upbringing sometimes rears its head in strange ways. The other day, I discovered that Thomas Jefferson was 33... read more

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