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Which Habit Is More Important: Reading or Sleep?

I’m pretty good at habits. Sometimes, I’m too good. My habits gather strength. Sometimes, one of my habits gets in the way of another habit. I wrote in my “What’s Making Me Happy in July” post that one thing NOT making me happy is my lack of sleep. It’s becoming a huge problem. I spend my mornings feeling irritable, draggy, and stressed about all the things I... read more

Personality Test Love: Twitter Chat!

Tomorrow night– Wednesday, August 9– I will be hosting a special Twitter chat about personality types! Join using #DIYMFA at 8PM ET. We’ll be chatting about personality tests (like Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, Big Five, and the Four Tendencies), how the results have changed our self-perception, and whether they’ve given us insight into our writing lives (or other aspects of... read more

How “Better Than Before” Is Changing My Habits

I’ve been a fan of Gretchen Rubin’s for a long time now, so I was incredibly excited when she began promoting her latest book, Better Than Before, a personal manifesto about a topic I adore: habits. It’s the first book I’ve ever ordered prior to release, other than Harry Potter books. (There is no greater honor than being classified with Harry Potter!) After reading the book,... read more

Identity Crisis: Averted

I chose to write about PURPOSE this month for, well, a purpose. I thought I would need to prepare myself for the feeling that I was losing my current life’s purpose by giving up mommy-time and writing-time in favor of going back to work. I thought this transition, from stay-at-home to working mom, from writer back to musician, would provoke a mini crisis of self. I’ve had these crises before-... read more

The Purpose of Practice

As a music teacher, I am regularly told that my subject is less important and more expendable than other “core” subjects such as reading, math and science. Why? Well, because most music students don’t grow up to have careers in music. I question the validity of this point (does that mean Biology and Algebra were a waste of my time, since my career doesn’t involve them?) but... read more

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