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New (And Better) Phone Habits

I’ve been trying to break my iPhone addiction for awhile. I’ve written about it in several posts, most notably in I Love/Hate My iPhone last spring. I haven’t had complete success- I still check it far too often, and carry it around with me far too much- but I have changed a few phone-related habits that seem to have tipped the balance, and now I don’t feel quite as connected to... read more

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Using Social Media

When you spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any of the other myriad social media sites, do you feel a little guilty? It wouldn’t be surprising if you do. Study after study, article after article, blogger after blogger tell us that social media is wasting our time, dumbing us down, killing our productivity, taking us away from our kids or our kids away from us. It’s frustrating to be... read more

Ten Movies That Teach Gratitude

I know Friday is usually my book review post, but today I’m going to switch it up. A list of ten movies that teach gratitude! 1. It Could Happen To You (1994). Gratitude lesson: If you appreciate and give to other people more than yourself, you will receive riches far beyond lottery winnings (Charlie and Yvonne find happiness giving their money away, but when they lose it all, they find love for... read more

The Power of Performing Music

This week, I taught the summer band program in my school district. I had a total blast! I’ve been teaching private flute lessons this entire year, but I haven’t conducted a band rehearsal since last June, before my maternity leave. Band (or any music ensemble) is what I love best about being a musician. There’s a community spirit and a camaraderie that I can’t find anywhere else.... read more

CI 4

Yesterday I finished editing draft 6 of my book. Ahhh! I would say it feels good to be done, but I’m going right into draft 7 on Monday. It won’t be a revision on the scale of draft 6, but there are few scenes I want to fix before sending it off to more readers. In the meantime, here are some of my recent Current Influences: What I’m reading/recently read and LIKED: Lean In┬áby Sheryl... read more

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