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Gratitude When Times Are Tough

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” -Ernest Hemingway Everyone goes through tough times. Everyone. What distinguishes the survivors from the thrivers is not the severity of the suffering, but the ability to rise above it. Some people experience profound life losses and find themselves capable of moving forward and finding happiness again. Others... read more

Gratitude For My 2013 Life

A few weekends ago, my dad and I went to Manhattan to visit the Tenement Museum. It was my first whole day away since Edwin was born, and while I was nervous to be away from him for so long, it was completely worth it. I’ve been wanting to visit this museum for a long time, because it’s the perfect way for me to see with my own eyes how the characters in my novel would have lived. My main... read more

Gratitude Book #2: The Glass Castle

I first read Jeannette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle several years ago (I reviewed it and its semi-prequel, Half Broke Horses, in one of the first Words From The Sowul posts). I still think about it a lot; I find it on my mind much more than other books I read during the same period. Beyond the excellent writing, this book provided me with a very profound eye-opening experience. Until I read this... read more

Receiving Gratitude

On Monday we talked about 5 ways to thank others. Today, we’re going discuss something most people find a little harder: allowing others to thank you. Accepting gratitude is a bit like accepting a compliment. Most people feel a little self-doubt underneath the pleasure, as if believing they don’t quite deserve it. That’s why people say, “Oh, it was nothing,” when if it really... read more

5 Ways To Say “Thank You”

Last week, we talked about becoming more mindful of gratitude and how gratitude can improve your life. (I also showed you a fictional role model of gratitude.) This week, we’re going to extend outward, and talk about how your thankfulness can impact others. Think about the last time someone thanked you. How did it make you feel? Did it have an impact on your day? Gratitude is an automatic... read more

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