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The Creativity Perspective

Last week I wrote about my current fiction project, Blizzard; this week I’m so, super excited to announce my current nonfiction project, The Creativity Perspective! The website has been live for about two weeks and six posts so far. It has a complete menu of pages describing the project, and a logo I just love:   What Is The Creativity Perspective? In brief (since you can head over to The Creativity... read more

How I Feed My Creativity

This post is inspired by the DIY MFA book, hitting bookshelves this summer! I’m a member of the Street Team helping to promote the book, and Gabriela Pereira (DIY MFA instigator) has been sending us all emails with blog post prompts for the last several weeks. I answered the first prompt with my post Why (And How) I’m DIY-ing my MFA. We’re all the way up to prompt #9 (yikes!) and I feel... read more

Precious Art Materials

I’ve just started a new hobby. When I was a pre-teen, I took a class in charcoal drawing at a local art store. I really enjoyed those classes, and was proud of the sketchbook full of work I produced. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those of you who know how much I value creativity and creative work, but I once loved art. I even took advanced art classes in school for awhile, but I... read more

Important Habits For A Creative Life

When you think of a creative person, what comes to mind? An artist who follows her muse and sleeps until noon? An advertising executive staring at the wall of his office? What about the rest of us, in ordinary jobs, living ordinary lives? Is creativity important, and is it a tool we can use just as well as the artist or Don Draper clone? I say YES. It is possible, and indeed necessary, to live creatively... read more

If I Could Slow Down Time

This weekend I took my son to his favorite playground for the first time this season. Last spring and summer, when I was a stay-at-home mom, we went frequently, sometimes several times a week. Now that I’m a working mom, it’s much harder to find the time or energy after work, and the weekends are often packed with school events or personal matters. But over Memorial Day weekend, with the extra... read more

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