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What It Means To Call Yourself A Reader

Once upon a time, being a reader meant that you read books. But the internet and smartphones are blurring that distinction. Are you a reader if you look at ten or more articles a day, even if they’re just via Facebook? Are you a reader if you subscribe to several blogs? Are you a reader if you keep an e-book loaded on your Kindle app, but haven’t been to a brick-and-mortar library in years? In... read more

9 Amazing Books About American History

Happy 4th of July! In honor of this patriotic holiday, I’d like to share 9 books in my favorite category: American history in fiction and narrative nonfiction. All of these books capture the American spirit and prevailing attitudes of their time. They are great reads for people who love history, for those who love studying human behavior, and for people who just love a great story. From top left of... read more

Summer Reading List 2017

I’ve created a summer reading list for the first time EVER. I generally don’t like to map out what I’m going to be reading, at least not for a whole season, because the freedom to choose my next read is important to me. Reading is such a joy for me, and I have such a tendency to dig in on my habits and goals, that I need to protect my reading joy from restrictions. But things feel... read more

100 Books: Winter/Spring Favorites

In 2016, I read just over 90 new books. I decided to set a goal for 100 books in 2017, knowing that I’d be home with the baby for much of the year, nursing with Kindle in hand or taking walks with my Audible app. 100 books is a true challenge, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it, but I’m giving it my best. I’m at 40 right now, which is pretty close to par, but I’ll... read more

Fall Reading Round-Up

Fall reading has been a bounty of riches! I’ve jumped right back into my Kindle-while-nursing habit, and since I’m nursing a lot, and need good books to keep me awake at 2AM (see category below) my reading time has increased in both quality and quantity. I’ve read- ready for this?- 20 books since Eleanor was born, just over 6 weeks ago. Add that to the 9 I read earlier in the fall, and... read more

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