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100 Books In 2017: Top 10 Lists

In last Friday’s post, I described how I was able to read 100 books in a year despite a busy schedule. Today I’m going to share the top 10 books I read in each category, plus a few I do not recommend! For the full list of what I read this year, here’s a link to my Goodreads page, where all of my books are shelved when I’ve finished reading them. Please follow me on Goodreads for... read more

100 Books In 2017: How I Did It

When Goodreads asked me about my 2017 reading challenge goal last December, I rashly threw down what is, for me, a very big number. 100 books in 2017. I’d never read that many as an adult, at least not since I’ve started tracking. But I thought it was possible to reach a bit higher than usual since I’d be on maternity leave for most of the year. (I can do a lot of reading on my Kindle... read more

The Summer Reading List Recap

Back in June, I announced my summer reading list. It was the first time I’d ever committed to reading a specific list of books within a set time frame, and I wasn’t sure if it would go well. I generally prefer to read according to whim and mood, sometimes bingeing on a particular genre, or re-reading old classics. The idea of committing to 23 books in a season seemed contrary to my usual... read more

Why You Should Get On Goodreads, Now

While talking to a fellow reader today, I mentioned my Goodreads summer reading list. I expected her response to be something like, “Which books are on the list?” Instead, she said, “What IS Goodreads?” I was flabbergasted. To me, that’s like asking, “What is Amazon?” or “What is Twitter?” But it made me realize that some of you, my readers, might not... read more

7 Reasons To Abandon A Book

It’s the struggle of every reader. We’ve started a book, and for whatever reason, we’re just not feeling it. But we’ve already invested time and money in the book, and it feels like we need our own permission to abandon it. What Does It Mean To “Abandon” A Book? You’re mid-read, and you decide to stop. Abandoning doesn’t mean skimming through the book at the... read more

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